Artium Group is the overarching company encompassing the group’s specialist subsidiaries which facilitate our ability to acquire, own and operate our portfolio. We reposition and transform assets focusing on innovation, quality, and usability, to offer mid to long-term value and appreciation. Our investment strategy is at the heart of every development we deliver.

Artium Group have a proven track record of design and build developments in prime locations. We do not just develop living and workspaces to sell. We invest in, build, and operate them. The anticipation of an end-to-end service ensures a quality and efficient delivery on every development.

Artium Construction are the construction and civil engineering subsidiary of Artium Group. Artium Construction’s expert team are renowned for their reliability and have a wealth of technical knowledge and experience, which drives efficiencies to underpin their client’s programme targets and cost expectations. Whilst Artium Group brings social, economic, and environmental benefits to the areas in which they operate; Artium Construction’s procurement and supply chain ensures a robust safety and environmental policy is adhered to on every project, promoting quality from design to occupation.

Artium Asset Management are the strategic property, asset, and facilities management subsidiary of Artium Group. Artium Asset Management provides a holistic scope of services to the benefit of both owners and occupiers.

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